2010 NHL Re-Draft Has Mark Stone Pegged As A Top 10 Pick


Mark Stone’s breakout season performance is earning him a reputation around the league. Stone is not only heralded for his offensive production, but also 200 foot reliability. Below is a chart of how I see the 2010 NHL draft breaking down if a “re-draft” were to occur today.


A lot isn’t displayed, but with the incredible season Mark Stone had, he now looks like a top 10 pick from that 2010 class.

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An interesting draft class it was indeed. The debate back throughout the 09-10 season was Taylor vs Tyler, where the Bruins and Oilers had a chance to select two amazing players. Of course, the Bruins have moved on from Seguin after using a Leafs pick to select him second overall. Seguin’s move to Dallas changed a lot in his career as he has been a point-per-game player over his last two seasons. Hall, after an injury riddled season finds himself below Seguin on the list.

Two players pushing hard for Hall’s #2 spot are Ryan Johansen and Vladmir Tarasenko. They are also two players who have arguably outplayed Hall over the past two seasons. Hall holds it for now and with Connor McDavid hopping on board 5 years after Hall’s draft date, his play should only improve.

Head down the list a little further and we are introduced to how having a high pick is great, but only if you use it right. With players like Brett Connolly, Dylan McIlrath, Alexander Burmistov, and Jack Campbell absent, the 2010 draft class is a great example as to how high end picks don’t always mean high-end success. Whereas players like Mark Stone prove that you can find great talent later on in the draft.

That’s how the top 10 goes down, and looking past the top 10 it’s a similar story.

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Brendan Gallagher, John Klingberg, Frederik Andersen, Jason Zucker, and Petr Mrazek again show how it’s not impossible to find good talent later on, and it is rather quite common. The same names are left off the list, and the 15-25 list is mainly made up of solid NHLers, with a few that hold promise to be very good in the NHL.

Quite the draft class it was in 2010. One of the strongest in recent years especially with the 2011 and 2012 years appearing to be weaker than normal.


Stone will be just the 3rd player from this class to get a Calder nod. Skinner won the award in 2010-11, but has taken a step back due to injury troubles in recent years. Brendan Gallagher finished second in voting in 12-13 and Mark Stone is up for the trophy 5 years after his draft date.

Stone is still only 22. From this draft class, he has the 4th highest PPG average and has the 4th best single season performance in terms of points. Considering that, and his ability to play smart with the puck (leading the league in takeaways) and Stone looks like a top 10 pick from that draft class.

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