SenShot Predicts: Ottawa Senators vs Florida Panthers


So last game yours truly was the only one to correctly predict that the Ottawa Senators would defeat the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Everyone else had the Bolts to beat the Senators.

So turning our attention to the game against the Florida Panthers, (check out a preview here) how will the Senators come home from the trip, above or below the .500 mark?  Let’s see what our panel of writers have to say:

Josh Chenoweth (0-2)

Going with another loss for the Sens. 2-1. After getting a win they really didn’t deserve, the Sens go in overconfident. MacLean overuses Phillips again and it costs the team.

Travis Valois (0-2)

The Senators went 2-1-1 against the Panthers last year.  The Senators need to take this game. It will be important for them to come out 2-1 on this road trip as opposed to 1-2.  I’m looking for a big game from Clarke MacArthur. I believe Craig Anderson will step his game up. Lehner’s performance and the big win in Tampa will give the boys momentum.  Senators win.

Eldrinson Vado (0-2)

Coming off a big win Saturday I have faith in the Sens taking the Florida sweep. Let’s go 3-2 Sens in another close match.

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Charlie Arseneault (0-2)

The Senators held Tampa Bay’s offense to only 2 goals on Saturday night, so with that I’m going to (probably falsely) assume they’ll limit the Panthers to only 1 goal. The new line combos are interesting, and could create some good chances. 3-1 Senators win.

Zachary Prenner (0-2)

I’m gonna try and save some face since I’m 0-2 to start the season, and this is probably a good opportunity to start. It’s Florida. Enough said.

If the Sens can play a simple game, get offence from the usual contributors and goaltending can be above average, this one should be money in the bank. Sens take it 3-1.

Jared Crozier (1-1)

With some lineup changes, the new guys (Condra, Greening and Wiercioch) will be looking to make an impression and stay in the lineup.  They aren’t the top-end players, but sometimes that desire can be contagious and rub off on the guys who will do the scoring.  Also, winning one that you might not deserve to win can make a team go either way, but should give the Senators confidence but the Nashville game will keep them from getting over-confident, which they have no reason to be.  I think this will be a breakout game for some Senators, and it won’t be close.  Senators for the win.