What to watch for in the World Junior quarter finals

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It may not be a conventional answer, but January 2nd is probably my favourite hockey day of the year. To me, it’s better than any event the NHL puts on and is by far the best day of the World Juniors. There’s something about four elimination games, ranging from showdowns between top contenders to probable blowouts, back-to-back-to-back-to-back that is just so fun to watch.

If you don’t enjoy 12 straight hours of watching hockey, getting up only to get more snacks or use the bathroom, I understand. That doesn’t mean there’s no reason to check out some of the quarter-final action though, especially if you’re a Sens fan.

Four Sens prospects are at this year’s World Junior’s, all of whom were taken in the 2020 draft. All four are also on teams that have made it to the playoff round. Sens prospects will be playing in three of the four quarterfinal games, each with something to prove.

While it’s silly to judge teenagers based solely on one tournament, especially during a pandemic, it’s even sillier to do so based on one game in that tournament. So let’s lean into the silliness and see what there is for Sens fans to look for as the quest for World Junior glory rolls on.

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