Throwback Thursday: Breaking Down the Best Masks in Ottawa Senators History

Heading into their 28th year as a franchise, the Ottawa Senators have had some stylish Goaltenders

It’s always neat looking back at the early days of the Senators organization, reminiscing on some of the most memorable times the team has had, tapping into fans nostalgic sides is one of the goals of Throwback Thursday.

When thinking of goaltenders, especially in Senators’ history, we are constantly reminded of the Patrick Lalime’s, Ray Emery’s and now the Craig Anderson‘s of the world. One thing that was constant between the three was there unique style in their equipment, especially there helmets.

Craig Anderson (2016-17)


OTTAWA, ON – MAY 19: Craig Anderson #41 of the Ottawa Senators looks on during warmups prior to a game against the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game Four of the Eastern Conference Final during the 2017 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs at Canadian Tire Centre on May 19, 2017 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photography/Getty Images) *** Local Caption ***

One of Anderson’s most memorable masks was worn during the Senators’ iconic 2016-17 season, where they made their storied run to game 7 of the Eastern Conference Final.

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On either side of the mask sat a large Ottawa Senators logo, the focal point of the design. Just below the logo sits a red Corvette on either side, adding a unique component to the mask, driven by Anderson’s love for racing. On the left side of the mask, the Corvette is front on and on the right, the car is shown from the rear, the license plate reads “Sens”, a nice touch by Anderson.

A constant for Anderson on his masks, he puts his son’s names on the back of his helmet, reading “Jake” and “Levi” bordering a martian down the center.

One last critical touch is the Maple Leaf which pays homage to the Nations Capital and does a nice job tying the whole mask together.

Andrew Hammond (2014-15)


NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 09: Andrew Hammond #30 of the Ottawa Senators tends net against the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden on April 9, 2015 in New York City. The Senators shut out the Rangers 3-0. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

One of the coolest masks to ever hit the ice with the Ottawa Senators, Andrew Hammond’s “Hamburglar” mask, which was truly original and is reminiscent of the best run to the playoffs in Senators’, if not league history.

The Hamburglar character was shown on one side of his mask and a nice touch added by the designer includes the character stopping a shot, hoping to give Hammond good luck.

Nicknamed the “Hamburglar” back in his days at Bowling Green University as a play on his name reffering to the famed McDonalds’ character the Hamburglar. Little did he know that his nickname would become renowned all over the NHL. In the midst of his magical 20-1-2 record during the Senators run into the playoffs, following a crucial win, fans started throwing McDonald’s hamburgers on the ice and then commenced what was known as the “Hamburglar” run.

While the good times didn’t last forever, the fully white mask plus the sleek white cage was one of the finer masks in Senators’ history, with a memorable backstory.

Ray Emery (2005-06)


WASHINGTON – JANUARY 4: Goaltender Ray Emery #1 of the Ottawa Senators looks on in warm-ups during the NHL game against the Washington Capitals on January 4, 2006 at MCI Center in Washington D.C. The Senators won 3-1. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

In my opinion, the coolest mask in Ottawa Senators history was the cream coloured mask that Ray Emery dawned during the 2005-06 season, his rookie season.

The mask at times featured different boxers, but for the majority of his rookie season, he dawned Muhammed Ali and Mike Tyson on either side of his mask, driven by Emery’s love of boxing.

Adding the gold cage on top of the unique, incredible design makes this one of my favourite masks ever.

“Sugar Ray” Emery, not only was one of the most popular Senators’ goalies of all time but he will also be remembered for the great designs he wore on his mask.


Patrick Lalime (1999-2004)


TORONTO – APRIL 10: Goaltender Patrick Lalime #40 of the Ottawa Senators talks to an on-ice NHL Official during a break in game two of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals of the 2004 Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Toronto Maple Leafs at Air Canada Centre on April 10, 2004 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Maple Leafs defeated the Senators 2-0 to tie the series at 1-1. (Photo By Dave Sandford/Getty Images)

Undoubtedly the most iconic mask in Senators’ history is the Patrick Lalime “Martian” mask. Paying homage to Marvin the Martian from the Warner Bros’, renowned for his roles in the Looney Tunes series’.

The Martian, which would rest just directly above Lalime’s eyes would add the illusion of the martian facing shooters and not Lalime. The unique design was a favourite among all Senators’ fans, especially the kids who watched Looney Tunes regularly.

During these competitive seasons when Ottawa was finally blossoming into an NHL contender, Lalime’s Martian mask was at the forefront of their success and the design has been recreated by Senators Andrew Hammond and snuck into one of Craig Anderson’s designs. The famed design is unlikely to be recreated by a future Senators goalie, but I’m sure plenty of fans would be all for another edition of the “Martian”.