Ottawa Senators: Are they finally planning a rebrand?

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 05: Daniel Alfredsson #11 of the Ottawa Senators skates with the puck during a NHL hockey game against the Washington Capitals at MCI Center on April 5, 2002 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)
WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 05: Daniel Alfredsson #11 of the Ottawa Senators skates with the puck during a NHL hockey game against the Washington Capitals at MCI Center on April 5, 2002 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images) /

So here’s the deal, last night it appeared to me that Sens twitter tried to will a re-brand of the coveted 2D logo and jersey design of the ’90s, into existence. Is there more to it than just fan buzz?

You might be pleasantly surprised. 

This re-brand has been so overdue that there are articles dating back 5 years ago, discussing the need to replace the dried up, current look of the Ottawa Senators jersey. So bringing out my inner detective skills, I wanted to prove or disprove this buzz. I read some former articles, some quotes from a few former high-level Ottawa Senators executives and finally…made a connection with someone that may or may not have a direct link to the inside. While I promised to keep everything confidential and anonymous, I can tell you that I’m quite confident that this information is legitimate.

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Before I get into the logistics of the conversations and media appearances, I’d just like to mention that the timing of this re-brand is perfect. It makes sense that after the biggest draft in franchise history and the turning of the guard so to speak, the Ottawa Senators introduce a fresh look to go with the fresh faces of the franchise. This is an easy win from a marketing standpoint, for an owner that isn’t very familiar with the win column of late. Sens fans have wanted this for what seems like an eternity and from everyone I’ve interacted with personally, I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love the 90’s jerseys. It’s the easiest win this organization could have since Thomas Chabot‘s 8-year contract extension.

Without further ado, let us get into the meat. A quick Google search lead me to an early 2018 article on the subject of a Senators re-brand and a discovery that due to a deal between the NHL and Adidas and the manufacturing/testing of jerseys, the earliest onset of a change is 2021. Here’s a quote from the 2018 article:

"“The earliest we could introduce a new brand would be the 2021 season and that’s a function of how the NHL and Adidas manufacture prototypes and test manufacture the jerseys”, Aimee Deziel (Former Cheif Marketing Officer of the Ottawa Sentors)"

Now, I wanted more evidence and thought that perhaps this agreement has been adjusted so I looked for a more recent concrete example. Before being “let go” from his CEO position after an incredibly short stint (54 days to be exact) for having some choice words for his new boss, Jim Little, may have given Ottawa Senators fans the most in terms of concrete information. He joined TSN 1200 in February 2020 and was asked directly about re-branding. Little all but confirmed that the Senators were circling the 2020 draft as the probable time and place to introduce it. Here’s the quote:

"“We’re looking at all options and there’s nothing we’re not looking at. The draft is absolutely a milestone moment for us.” (Former CEO Jim Little)"

After listening back to the interview, I was pretty convinced that a re-brand is in order at the draft. Now we do have to keep in mind that Jim Little and the Ottawa Senators had a falling out as I mentioned and there’s potential that this plan was once again postponed as a result. Or was it…

After making a connection with a person who may or may not work first-hand with a high-level executive inside the Senators organization, I discovered that the re-brand is indeed in order for the upcoming draft. And the fun didn’t stop there. Some details of the jersey were revealed to me as well. The 2D logo will make it’s full comeback this coming October for the Ottawa Senators. The Adidas jersey will feature the 2D Centurion logo on the front and include the “S” branding on the shoulder. That’s all I can reveal at this time on the features of the jersey itself. My presumption is that the final product will look similar to the one that Daniel Alfredsson is dawning in the feature image of this article but with some new alterations.

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So, there you have it. A little investigation can go a long way. Now if my sources serve me correctly, I’ll be spending some money on a fresh #7 Brady Tkachuk jersey this coming fall.