Ottawa Senators: Goalie Prospect Power Rankings (Part 1)

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For the first time in a long while, the Ottawa Senators can boast that they have one of the best prospect pools in the National Hockey League.  Among those prospects are five goalies, who are ranked here:

Number Five: Filip Gustavsson

Filip Gustavsson is the fifth-best goalie prospect in the Ottawa Senators organization. The last few seasons have been complete disasters for the Swedish goaltender. While still young at only 22-years-old, Gustavsson put up mediocre numbers at best in the 2019-20 season. His GAA was 3.23 and his SV% an abysmal 0.889, not exactly good numbers for the former number one goalie in the Senators organization.

He made minor gains since last season in all categories including a surprising record of 15-6-3, which is pretty remarkable considering his goalie stats. He had the starter job taken away from him in Belleville partway through the 2019-20 season by fellow Senators prospect Joey Daccord.

Earlier in the year when he was struggling mightily, it might have been said that a good playoff run would bring out the best in the young goalie. With the COVID-19 situation and the remainder of the AHL season cancelled, that opportunity is no longer there. He would have had an extremely hard getting any ice-time in the playoffs either way.

Belleville Senators Head Coach Trent Mann probably would have gone with the stronger goalie in Joey Daccord. There would’ve also been a chance the Ottawa Senators would send Marcus Hogberg down to Belleville to finish the season there and the playoff run. That would’ve left no room for Gustavsson to make a difference.

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