Ottawa Senators: Projecting the End Of The Season Stretch


As the week begins the Ottawa Senators are entering the final two weeks of their season. In just eight short games the season will be a wrap for the Sens.

Through 74 games this season the Ottawa Senators have 63 points and currently sit fourth last in the entire league. However, with eight games remaining there is still a good chance they could go up and down in the standings depending on performance. As fans we should be rooting for them to finish as low as possible to get the highest draft pick possible.

First Week

Now let’s take a look at their remaining schedule and how they should be expected to perform. This week they play four games. The play a back to back against Carolina and the Islanders starting tonight, followed by games against Florida and Detroit later in the week. The Sens can expect to lose to Florida as they are hot and making a hard push for the playoffs. However, the other games are more tossups. The Detroit game could go either way and the two back to backs are also against weaker teams. However, I’d be surprised to see the Sens win both in the back to back so let’s say they win one of those and the game against Detroit this week.

Second Week

Then next week the Sens play their final four games. The play Winnipeg, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and Boston. Three of those four teams are all legitimate contenders for the Stanley Cup and the Sens can expect to lose to all of them. However, the game against Buffalo should be a win for the Sens as they’re one of the few teams worse than them this year.

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With the results that I project that would mean that the Sens would win 3 of their final 8 games and finish with 69 points. With a record like that the Ottawa Senators can expect to finish roughly in the same spot they currently occupy.