Ottawa Senators Crushed In Game Against New Jersey


After a successful first three games of pre-season, the Ottawa Senators have fallen back down t Earth. They were crushed by the score of 8-1 in their game against the New Jersey Devils last night.

The Ottawa Senators entered the night with a 3-0 pre-season record. Expectations were high despite much of the roster made up of prospects and young players. However, the Sens were out of the game quicker than it started. The Devils put up goal after goal and by the time the first period ended the score sat at 5-0.

When the second period began the Sens were already out of contention for the win. Barring a monumental collapse the rest of the game was for the kids to show off what they can do. However, the Devils scored to more goals to make the score 7-0. The only bright spot of the game was when midway through the period, Thomas Chabot scored a nice goal to put the Sens on the board.

Ultimately in the third period the Devils would score one more time. The game would at the score of 8-1. An embarrassing loss for a Sens team that had been doing so well thus far.

There aren’t many positives in a game where the Ottawa Senators are defeated so handily. Nearly everyone had bad games. Thomas Chabot had a decent game and so did Logan Brown. However, the rest of the team was atrocious. Chlapik played poorly and likely lost his chance to make the team. Condon had a horrendous night in goal.

The only true bright spot of the game is from looking at the rosters. The Sens were icing a roster filled with prospects and their lower end NHL players. The Devils iced nearly their entire NHL roster. The Sens would have need a monumental performance from the kids to win this one.

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The Sens will look to bounce back when they play the Jets on Wednesday.