Ottawa Senators Greatest Players: #13 Kyle Turris

OTTAWA, ON - MAY 23: Kyle Turris
OTTAWA, ON - MAY 23: Kyle Turris /

The Ottawa Senators have just completed their 25th year in the NHL. However, due to the 04-05 lockout they are actually about to enter their 25th season. So, I thought what better time to recognize the 25 greatest Senators of all time. This list won’t be based on pure talent, but rather the skill, impact, and durability of each player.

Now without further ado the 13th greatest player in Ottawa Senators history….

#13 Kyle Turris

Kyle Turris had a troubling start to his NHL career. Drafted by Phoenix in 2007 he spent his first few seasons there. However, contract disputes led to Turris being dealt to the Ottawa Senators in December of 2011. Initially there were concerns about his attitude but Turris has crushed all doubt about his abilities. In his first season with the Sens where he was arrived mid-season he scored 29 points in 49 games.

Since arriving with the Ottawa Senators, Kyle Turris has been one of the Sens best forwards every year. Now after completing his sixth season with the Sens, Turris has put up 50-60 points ever year he’s played a full season.

Turris has never been the main star for the team. When he first arrived Alfredsson, Spezza, and Karlsson were relied upon more for offence. Now he falls in behind Karlsson, Stone, and Hoffman. However, throughout all that time Turris has been a consistent scoring threat for the Sens.

Ever since Spezza left Turris has been relied upon to be the number one center for Ottawa. Not an easy task and not one that many people believed he was capable of. However, he’s blossomed in the role to become one of the more underrated players in the league. With Ottawa as a small market he doesn’t get as much attention as other top two-way centers in the league, but he can compete with the best of them.

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Since joining the Ottawa Senators Turris has put up 264 points in 396 games. This is all in an era where scoring is difficult to come by. At just the age of 27 Turris still has room to grow and could very likely become a top 10 player in Ottawa Senators history.