Ottawa Senators Greatest Players: #20 Anton Volchenkov

OTTAWA - APRIL 20: Anton Volchenkov
OTTAWA - APRIL 20: Anton Volchenkov /

The Ottawa Senators have just completed their 25th year in the NHL. However, due to the 04-05 lockout they are actually about to enter their 25th season. So, I thought what better time to recognize the 25 greatest Senators of all time. This list won’t be based on pure talent, but rather the skill, impact, and durability of each player.

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Now without further ado the 20th greatest player in Ottawa Senators history….

#20 Anton Volchenkov

Anton Volchenkov was drafted by the Ottawa Senators at 21st overall in 2000. As a first round pick, naturally he had big expectations around him. Following a few seasons over in Russia he joined the Sens’ roster for the 02-03 season. He remained the anchor of the Ottawa Senators’ back-end for the next seven seasons.

Volchenkov wasn’t drafted by the Sens for his offensive talent. In fact, in 428 games with the Sens he only scored 16 goals and 94 points. However, he was a remarkable talent defensively. He was consistently one of the league leaders in blocked shots for the entirety of his career. In an era that favoured a more physical style than today, Volchenkov’s heavy hitting and shot blocking style made him one of the most valuable players in the Sens’ defence core.

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Volchenkov first joined the team for their President’s Trophy season in 2003. He was a member of the 2007 squad that went to the Stanley Cup Final. While with the Ottawa Senators, Volchenkov only missed the playoffs once. Since he was never an offensively gifted player, his name is often forgotten amongst the other great Sens defenceman of the mid-2000s. However, just because his role wasn’t as glamorous doesn’t mean he wasn’t as crucial to the contending teams as the others.