Ottawa Senators Greatest Players: #21-25 Review and Recap

OTTAWA, ON - SEPTEMBER 25: Team mates Bobby Ryan
OTTAWA, ON - SEPTEMBER 25: Team mates Bobby Ryan /

The Ottawa Senators have just completed their 25th year in the NHL. However, due to the 04-05 lockout they are actually about to enter their 25th season. So, I thought what better time to recognize the 25 greatest Senators of all time. This list won’t be based on pure talent, but rather the skill, impact, and durability of each player.

Now without further ado, the 21st-25th greatest Ottawa Senators of all-time….

#25 Antoine Vermette

Today we’ll recap the players for the Ottawa Senators that came in at 21-25 on the list. Starting with number 25 we had Antoine Vermette. Vermette had 80 goals, 87 assists, and 161 points in 359 games. He was a key member of the 2007 Stanley Cup Final team. He cemented himself on this list by being a great two-way forward on some of the best Sens teams of all time.

#24 Magnus Arvedson

Coming in at number 24 was Magnus Arvedson. Arvedson was one of the first stars for the Ottawa Senators. He could have been one of the few Sens to win individual trophies if his career wasn’t derailed because of injuries. He nearly won the Selke trophy on more than one occasion. Scoring 92 goals, 119 assists, and 201 points in 393 games, if it weren’t for injuries Arvedson would be much higher up on this list.

#23 Chris Kelly

Number 23 for the Sens was Chris Kelly. A role player for the Sens during their years of contending, Kelly didn’t leave the team until he was traded. He returned last season for what could be his last in the NHL. He was never a star but accumulated 188 points over 545 games. His long tenure with the Sens and being a member of some of the best Sens teams gets him on this list.

#22 Bobby Ryan

Number 22 is a player who is still on the active roster, Bobby Ryan. Although he has only been on the team for four seasons he already has 183 points. At just 291 games so far, Ryan will very likely move much higher on this list before he leaves Ottawa. Additionally although he has struggled at times he was a standout for the Sens in the 2017 playoffs and helped bring the team to the Conference Final.

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#21 Milan Michalek

The final member of the first five comes in at number 21, Milan Michalek. He came to Ottawa in the Heatley trade and left in the Phaneuf trade. However, despite being a side piece in two massive deals, he had quite the career while with the Ottawa Senators. He scored 224 points in 412 games and was one of the best forwards in Ottawa for half a decade. If not for a poor contract he might not have been traded and would still be with the Sens.