Ottawa Senators Greatest Players: #22 – Bobby Ryan

PITTSBURGH, PA - MAY 25: Bobby Ryan
PITTSBURGH, PA - MAY 25: Bobby Ryan /

The Ottawa Senators have just completed their 25th year in the NHL. However, due to the 04-05 lockout they are actually about to enter their 25th season. So, I thought what better time to recognize the 25 greatest Senators of all time. This list won’t be based on pure talent, but rather the skill, impact, and durability of each player.

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Now without further ado the 22nd greatest player in Ottawa Senators history….

#22 Bobby Ryan

Bobby Ryan might not be the first person fans might think of when they think of the best players for the Ottawa Senators. However, he is very worthy of the top 25. In fact it’s very likely that he’ll move up this list in the next few years. It may seem a bit early to place him on this list but he’s already been in Ottawa for four seasons. In that time he’s already jumped to 19th overall in all time points for the Sens

His career in Ottawa has been one filled with criticism. He never really got to the form he achieved in Anaheim. However, he’s still been a good player. He’s been a consistent 50-55 point player except last season. Last season he scored far fewer but was also dealing with the death of his mother.

His career over four season may not have been enough to crack the top 25 greatest Sens of all time. Instead it was his playoff run this year that set him over the edge. He scored 15 points in just 19 games. At times he was the Sens best player not named Karlsson. In what could be considered the Sens’ second best season ever, being the best forward is very significant.

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Much of the controversy around Ryan is because of his massive contract. Due to the nature of it being a bad contract there’s a very good chance he will be in Ottawa for its duration. As a result Ryan will very likely move up the list in the coming years. Who knows after the playoffs he had, Ryan could find himself in the top 10 for the Ottawa Senators someday.