Ottawa Senators: Looking Forward to a Full Season with Clarke MacArthur

OTTAWA, ON - MAY 23: Clarke MacArthur
OTTAWA, ON - MAY 23: Clarke MacArthur /

The Ottawa Senators may not have made any significant signings in free agency. However, they will have one major addition for next season, Clarke MacArthur.

Although he’s been part of the Ottawa Senators since the 2013-2014 season, Clarke MacArthur has been noticeably absent in recent years. Playing just eight regular season game in the past two seasons it was easy to forget that he was even part of the team. After his unexpected return to the lineup at the end of last season he played in every postseason game. He scored nine points in

19 games, including the series winning goal against the Boston Bruins.

A Positive Impact

Although nine points in 19 games is nothing exceptional, it is significant. Over a full season that would be around 40 points which would not go unnoticed by an Ottawa Senators team that struggled to score last season. It should also be noted that MacArthur basically hadn’t played professional hockey in two years. Rust could have certainly negatively impacted his performance. As a result a full off-season of training could result in MacArthur being a more proficient scorer in 2017-2018.

The addition of MacArthur is also significant in terms of the chemistry he has with certain players. The line of Turris, MacArthur, and Ryan has always played very well together. MacArthur’s return means that they can start playing together again. It’s no coincidence that Ryan saw a boost in his play when his old line mate returned.

With MacArthur returning to the team full time it means that he Sens don’t have to put as much pressure on younger players. Guys like Dzingel and White can be given sheltered minutes with less responsibility. His return last season certainly boosted the team’s performance and a full season with him should result in a better regular season.

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Final Thoughts

Clarke MacArthur will be back for a full season with the Ottawa Senators. As a result he can be looked at as an off season pickup despite being on the team for years. Only really joining the team for the post season, we’ve yet to see how his presence in a full season will affect the team. It should be a positive one.