Ottawa Senators: Patrick Sieloff Signed by Senators

TORONTO, ON - MARCH 18: Patrick Sieloff
TORONTO, ON - MARCH 18: Patrick Sieloff /

The Ottawa Senators have signed defenceman Patrick Sieloff to a one year, two way contract.

To those who don’t follow the Ottawa Senators particularly closely this may seem like a rather unassuming signing. A depth signing on defence. After all at the age of 23 Sieloff has just one NHL game to his name. However, this is a name riddled with controversy in the Senators organisation.

The Incident

Acquired from the Flames in the Chiasson trade, Sieloff was given a chance to make the NHL last season. He looked to be a solid shut down defender and at his age still has room to grow. However, during training camp Sieloff laid a dangerous and irresponsible check to the head of Clarke MacArthur during a scrimmage. MacArthur was expected to make his return after missing the majority of the previous season with a concussion. Now concussed once again, he wouldn’t play again until April. Forwards Bobby Ryan and Chris Neil quickly dropped the gloves to defend their teammate after the hit and Sieloff had to be escorted off the ice to avoid more conflict. He was then buried in the minors and it looked like he would never get a chance to play in the NHL with the Sens.

The Return

With Sieloff needing a new contract it was not expected in the least that he would return. However, despite everything from the past Sieloff was given a contract. Albeit a one year and two way contract, but a contract none the less. There are two ways to look at this, on one hand it shows that the Sens are willing to give someone a second chance. However, there’s also the concern that if he makes the team it would cause unnecessary drama in the dressing room. This is a team that banded together as a result of all the adversity they faced. Adding one of the causes of adversity does not seem like a winning formula.

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Final Thoughts

The Sieloff signing is an interesting one. It’s not often someone who injures a teammate is brought back. However, it’s also worth noting that it’s very unlikely that he will make the team at all. Sieloff will in all likelihood spend the year with Belleville. There won’t be any problems unless he’s called up to the big club. If he does play for the Sens, his teammates will have to forgive him quickly or it could cause problems that may spread to the ice.