Ottawa Senators Prospects: Colin White


Every week we will be analysing prospects in the Ottawa Senators system. This week we focus on Colin White.

There is much excitement circulating the twenty year old, who has been turning heads while playing for Boston College. The 21st overall pick of the 2015 draft will be looking to step into the Ottawa Senators team from next season. What makes him a valuable prospect for this team?

Two-Way Player

Guy Boucher will be loving this prospect that he has at his disposal. An unselfish, team-first player who will happily shutdown opposing teams top lines. He will slot seamlessly into the Boucher system given his relentless attitude to help out with the dirty work. He was compared to Patrice Bergeron on his draft day, there’s also a lot of Nazem Kadri in him too. Still producing offensively without sacrificing space defensively.

He is the cliché 200 foot player, an absolute workhorse in every sense. His ability to play well in all three zones is a strong quality, especially with the step up to the big leagues approaching.


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There is not a single negative about a guy who comes in and possesses leadership qualities. It is known that the Sens needed further leadership when they brought in Dion Phaneuf. He wont be there further (his recent play stunting talk of a Vegas move) so it will help to have another voice in the room. Furthermore, to have a player who possesses these qualities and comes through the Sens own system is a huge plus. Having had an “A” on his sweater for two World Juniors that will only gain White experience.

If you’ve ever seen him interviewed, he’s nothing short of confident and seems to command the respect of his peers.

Increasing Offense

Of course, it is still very early into Colin White’s hockey career but he has rarely been south of a 1.00 PPG average. If he can translate that into the NHL, it will send Ottawa wild as they really are struggling for a 1.00 PPG player.

Currently this year picking up 27 points in 29 games, just south of where he normally is but no doubt will get over that threshold. An even spread of 14 goals and 13 assists showing he can score as well as his much documented team ethic.

Next Season

Expect him to sign bar any fiascos. That is the only concern with college hockey players, hopefully Jimmy Vesey hasn’t set a precedent going forward.  A player in college hockey should sign for his team and head back to college, it should be treated like they were heading back to junior.

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Aside from all of that expect White to sign his ELC and be in the Sens camp early next year.