Ottawa Senators Rumours: 3 Trades That Could Happen Before March 1

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Matt Duchene

Duchene has generated far more noise than his captain in the rumour mill with the Colorado Avalanche looking to clear house.

Why Trade For Him?

Guaranteed offense. His 0.75 points-per-game is a decent number considering the team he has played with, especially in recent years. Compare that to the Sens current first line. Mike Hoffman= 0.64, Kyle Turris= 0.57 and Zack Smith= 0.31.  The struggling Bobby Ryan (whichever line he is on) is close at a 0.72 PPG.

With Bobby Ryan turning on the heat against Buffalo last night and fairly impressive numbers. Add Duchene into that offensive mix and suddenly you have some depth in scoring.  Mark Stone also offers a 0.75 PPG. These numbers begin to even out some of the woeful scoring outputs from some of the Sens.

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Furthermore, he is a name. A shirt seller, you may think that’s not important from a fans perspective but it is. It’ll give the organization that premium feel as they have top players taking to the ice every night. At the moment, there is one superstar littered with average to good NHL players.

Given that Erik Karlsson has two more years after this season. It’d be wise to keep him happy.