Ottawa Senators: The Story After Six


If you’ve managed to catch a break from the playoff buzz surrounding the Toronto Blue Jays you might’ve noticed that the NHL season has actually started – and the Ottawa Senators are playing. It’s a far-fetched concept for Canadians, having hockey and baseball on at the same time. Here in Ottawa they even keep track of the score of Jays’ games on the big screen. Nonetheless, yes, hockey has started. So let’s take a quick break from the Bautista Bat Flip and talk hockey.

Six Games Can tell a lot

There’s been a lot to learn about the Ottawa Senators through just 6 games. Currently standing with a record of 3-2-1, the team has shown they’re comfortable on the road and they won’t be taken lightly. We’ve seen some bursts of offense, solid goaltending, and some young guys making their debuts in the NHL. Through all the noise of baseball, taking a minute and looking at the Ottawa Senators should have you feeling pretty good.

Ottawa Senators TAX Line

Hoffman. Stone. Turris. Some call it the “HST” line, some call it the “TAX” line. Call it whatever you want, they’ve got a combined 23 points through 6 games and right now are the hottest 1st line in the league. Mark Stone has led the way on the line with his skills as a playmaker. It’s been wonderful to watch him, like last year, takeaway the puck and generate scoring chances. Along with Kyle Turris they make a great pair.

I think Mike Hoffman is just having fun proving Senators management wrong. After going through arbitration and signing a one year contract worth $2 million, he’s doing a great job of showing why he was worth every penny of the $3.4 million he asked for. He was all smiles after scoring the game tying goal Saturday against the Nashville Predators.


Craig Anderson has had a solid start to the year. After being in a tandem situation last year with Robin Lehner and then being beat out by Hammond at the end of the year, you can bet Andy is happy to be back in the starting position for good. His numbers aren’t particular dazzling, sporting a 2.53 GAA and .924 SV%, but he’s been solid for Ottawa and has given them the chance to win in each of his 5 starts.

One thing that still occupies the mind of Senators fans is the mystery of Andrew Hammond. It will definitely be interesting to see how he handles his first start of the season, especially after dealing with a groin injury.

Injured Mac

Having all that said, things aren’t looking so good for one player on the Senators. It’s been hard to watch Clarke MacArthur the past year. He’s become a very well received member of the Senators organization, but, he’s struggled with injury since signing his long term contract. In an interview before Saturday’s game, Dave Cameron mentioned there is no timetable for MacArthur’s return.

Next Game

The Senators have their next home game on Thursday against the New Jersey Devils. They have yet to win a game at home so far this season. With the upcoming 3 game home stretch, you can bet they’re looking to change that and get hockey back on the roll in this city.

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