Is Trading Down A Possibility For The Ottawa Senators?


The Ottawa Senators hold the 18th pick in the 2015 NHL entry draft. They’ve had recent success around that point in the past, drafting players like Cody Ceci (15th OA), Curtis Lazar (17th OA) and Erik Karlsson (15th OA) in recent seasons.

But in a draft year with great depth, does trading down make sense for the Senators? It probably does.

Murray stated it in his presser today, that he feels the 15 draft is a very deep one and that the Senators will be able to select a very good player where they stand.

Murray also touched on the idea of moving back in a chat with Ian Mendes, mentioning that if the right move was out there that he would move back “a little bit”, and really.. that move might make a ton of sense.

If the Senators are able to pick up another asset and move down to around spot #20-#22, they could find themselves with another good player or the ability to choose someone who falls while having another asset. Perhaps that asset is another 2nd or 3rd round pick, both good things to have and it may be a favourable move for the Senators considering who could still be on the board around those picks.

Oliver Kylington

Once considered a top 10 pick, Kylington has fallen in the NHL draft rankings since the 2nd half. If Kylington is still on the board at 18, there is a good chance he could fall as low at 25. So, if the Senators move back, they would have a shot at selecting the player.

Kylington is a smooth-skating defender. He’s swedish and he’s a left handed shot — the opposite of Erik Karlsson. While you have to think the Senators have done their scouting reports on the player, there’s a good chance he’s targeted by them considering their past drafting history.

It’s no question Kylington is a major wild card, there are definite questions that surround his game. A post from Ary @ silver seven sens yesterday did a good job of examining this as they selected Kylington 18th OA in their mock draft. I’d recommend a read or at least a skim through, there’s some interesting opinions there on Kylington.

Joel Eriksson Ek

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Say the Senators elect to go for a forward, then Joel Eriksson Ek comes into the picture. He’s also swedish and he’s expected to be available past 20.

Eriksson-Ek could make a good insulation centre/winger for the future. He’s a player who has jumped in rankings and one who could go higher than expected.

His average draft ranking is 26th, meaning he should be available if the Senators wanted to move down. Centre is a position teams often build from and with Eriksson-Ek’s ability to play wing, he’d make a fit in any organization looking for help up front.

Brock Boeser

Boeser is an american winger who has the makings to be a very solid NHL player. He ranks in the same spot as Eriksson-Ek, once again proving the depth in which the 2015 NHL draft holds.

Coming from the USHL, the rankings are all over the place on Boeser. Bob Mckenzie has Boeser at the 26th spot, but others have him as high as number 18. The scouting reports paint a high ceiling for Boeser, but questions remain.

EliteProspects, one of the best resources for draft and movement news has a nice excerpt on Boeser.

"“Some scouts are seeing quite a bit of Patrick Sharp in Mr. Boeser. He skates well and has a complete set of goal-scorer’s tools. Doesn’t give up his own end, and transitions to offense in such a quick and concrete way that he can catch the opposition off-guard.”"

Quite the ceiling, indeed. In today’s modern NHL, Boeser seems like an ideal player and if the Senators feel comfortable moving back, there is no doubt that quality is available past pick number 20.


Highlighting that group around the 20th pick includes CHLers Thomas Chabot, Jansen Harkins, and Jake Debrusk. Who, in coming through the most successful junior development program are all options for Ottawa.

Chabot is a defender who should be available past the 15th pick. Debrusk is a center/winger from the QMJHL and he along with Harkins and Paul Bittner are three forwards available in that range. Jeremy Bracco is another option and is a small body at 5 foot10, 165 lbs while Bittner is quite the opposite.

Either way you look at it, the Senators can go almost any way in their choice past the 20th pick. If they could pick up another 2nd and move down 4 or 5 spots or pick up a 3rd and move down 2 or 3, then perhaps it’s the right move to make. If it also means making an NHL roster move in the same deal, then that’s a possibility as well.

We can assume a goaltending trade will go down and perhaps some pick movement on draft day, so look for Murray to be active and “open for business” as he put it today.

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