Does Trading Two 2nd’s For A 1st Make Sense For The Ottawa Senators?


With a prospect pool that has become relatively depleted over the past few seasons, the Senators have the depth in their organization, but lack high end quality in terms of prospects. So while adding two first-round pieces is great, there is more than one way to look at the options the Senators have heading into the draft.

A tweet from Ottawa Citizen writer, Wayne Scanlan gave some insight a few days ago as to what the Senators’ plans were heading into the draft. While last year’s attempt to land a first round pick was unsuccessful, it seems like the Senators are going to give it another shot in 2015.

While the 2 2nds for a 1st may seem like the most logical deal, the Senators should try to secure as many picks in the top 50 as possible.

The idea of having as many quality picks this season is important, as the Senators were only able to select once in the top 50 last season and have a chance to choose three times this year. That means three quality pieces who should at least get a sniff at the NHL or be impact players.

For a Sens comparison, the last time they had a chance like this they took two swedish prospects in Robin Lehner and Jakob Silfverberg as well as Jared Cowen in the first round. The 2011 draft was a similar case as well, as the Senators would end up with three first round picks, eventually opting for Mika Zibanejad, Matt Puempel, and Stefan Noesen.

If there is a player still available around 24-26 and the Sens can find a team willing to move back, then perhaps moving the 2 2nds makes sense, but if Ottawa can use one of them bundled with another piece, there is potential to have 3 top 50 picks, with one being higher than where they are currently slated.

The Goaltending Trade Invovled? 

Trevor had a great piece up a few days ago mentioning the want to add another first rounder. Another piece up yesterday from Johnny mentioned the teams who are in search of a goaltender. While Edmonton might make the most sense, they would likely be hesitant to toss Ottawa the first for Lehner, maybe the addition of a 2nd makes sense for both teams. Perhaps DAL 2nd + Lehner for EDM via PIT (16th OA) makes sense and if not the Senators could always add. 

Of course, Craig Anderson could probably net you that pick or more. Talking about the Oilers again, If they are looking to contend, Craig Anderson is a goaltender that could provide them with that opportunity. Of course, on the Senators’ side of things, they could be moving Anderson but probably wouldn’t settle for anything less than a ready-now NHL piece.

Other pieces to dangle would include Jared Cowen (value at an all-time low), Alex Chiasson (value at an all-time low) or a quality prospect like Shane Prince or Matt Puempel if the Senators find one who they don’t view as a piece for the future.


So while the intrigue to get inside of the highly important top 30 is exciting, the Sens should probably focus on adding as many prospects as possible, making their current draft stance favourable.

Trading your two seconds for a first doesn’t make sense in a draft that is supposed to act as stocking the cupboard, but moving an NHL piece you’re ready to move on from along with one of those picks could provide an opportunity to guarentee a selection and bring a higher end prospect into the franchise.

Come draft day, anything can happen. There are a few teams with late round picks that could probably be willing to move back and if there is a player that Ottawa really likes who is still available, moving 2 2nds would probably make sense.

But if this is something the Senators are working on before the draft, packaging an NHL piece with a 2nd makes sense for the Senators. It brings value to that piece and the opportunity to bring another great player while maintaining quality in the draft position.

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