Dave Cameron Extension Provides Stability Behind The Bench In 2015-16


On a team that still has plenty of questions heading into 2015-16, one question that isn’t up in their air surrounds the team’s head coach. Dave Cameron, who replaced Paul MacLean after his firing in December was at the head of the Sens bench all the way through their miracle run to the playoffs.

Now with reports surfacing that the Senators are close to inking Dave Cameron to a 2-year deal, the head coach situation will be set for next season. Cameron has proven he is a good coach at the NHL level and with recent memories of up and down seasons, Cameron’s goal for 15-16 should (obviously) be making the playoffs once again.

As a Senators fan, you’ve got to love the move. Cameron took over from MacLean who had at times iced questionable lineups and had held a poor record over his last 100 games as Senators coach. Cameron, aside from a few small things usually made the popular choice.

As an example, here’s how Paul MacLean utilized a mostly healthy lineup this past November:

"MacArthur – Turris – ChiassonGreening – Legwand – RyanMichalek – Smith – NeilHoffman – Zibanejad – Stone"

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One position that remains vacant behind the Senators bench is the assistant coach job. After the passing of Mark Reeds, the Senators will seek a replacement, with one free agent coach sticking out amongst the bunch in terms of potential ties.

Andre Tourigny recently resigned as assistant coach of the Colorado Avalanche. The Avalanche had an incredibly disappointing year following a top seed placement the year prior. Tourigny, for unknown reasons left the Avalanche spot and would seem to make a good fit in Ottawa.

Tourigny previously coached with Cameron at the 2011 World Juniors. Much has been made about the potential tie between Tourigny and Ottawa. Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun mentioned Tourigny in his most recent column, providing some meaningful insight on the situation.

"“League sources told the Sun Monday Andre Tourigny, who resigned from his post on Patrick Roy’s staff after two seasons with the Colorado Avalanche last month, has emerged as the frontrunner.”“It’s believed Cameron has deep respect for Tourigny and as long as there are no snags getting the contract done then they should be able to complete a deal.” Garrioch Column June 1st"

It’s interesting to see Garrioch name Tourigny by name as having potential to join the Senators’ coaching staff. It certainly seems like a possibility and something to keep an eye on throughout the summer.

Richardson Attracting NHL Interest?

With Edmonton, San Jose, Toronto and New Jersey and especially Buffalo all filling their vacant coaching positions, Luke Richardson may find himself having another year in Binghamton. Much has been made about Richardson potentially attracting NHL interest, but so does not seem to be the case.

That doesn’t mean Richardson won’t in the future. He’s been a respected coach in Binghamton for a few seasons now and should get a shot at coaching in the NHL in the next few years.

Perhaps it is a best case scenario as Richardson has the task of coaching a rebuilding Binghamton team to the playoffs while remaining in New York for a while yet.

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