Ottawa Senators Armchair GM Part 2: Defense And Goaltenders

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In The End

After all of this, here is what the 2015-16 Ottawa Senators look like with GM Trevor Shackles at the helm:

After all of that, the team still has about 5 and a half million in cap space. It certainly is a step up from last year in terms of real money, but it is necessary. The RFA’s will cost money, and if they want to take the next step in becoming a contender they will have to spend.

The Anderson trade will save money, and maybe that’s the route they go in reality purely because of cap room. I like what this team looks like, and there still could be some improvements made.

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In reality, there is no way that these moves would happen. Even if they are plausible, that doesn’t mean that Bryan Murray generates the same interest from others, or pursues the same free agents. I also doubt Ottawa would be able to get all of these draft picks in return, but it’s very hard to guess possible trade scenarios.

Yet that’s what makes it fun. The fact that I can create my own version of the Ottawa Senators that I think looks like a solid playoff team.

If you want to create your own team, go to Hockey’s Cap and click on the Armchair GM feature! So what do you think of this Senators team? Agree with the moves? Disagree? Let me know.

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