Canadiens’ Subban Looks Unprofessional Following Slash On Mark Stone


The Senators/Canadiens game on Wednesday renewed a few of the storylines these two teams had in their last playoff matchup in 2013.

At that time, Senators head coach Paul MacLean launched a war of words between forward Brandon Prust and Habs coach, Michel Therrien. It began when MacLean acknowledged Habs d-man Raphael Diaz as “player 61”, a now famous quote in terms of Senators pop culture.

With Prust not taking too kindly to the quote as it showed a lack of respect towards Diaz, he launched back with some fighting words of his own by calling MacLean a “fat, bug-eyed walrus”. MacLean took Prust’s comments lightly as he was able to brush off 2/3rds of Prust’s insults, leaving the “fat” part insulting as MacLean is simply “husky.. but not fat”.

Therrien also launched his rebuttal as well, with his famous “no respect” line. With MacLean, again using humour as the tactic to combat the 2013 war of words.

The Senators obviously had the last laugh that time as they took the series 4-1, and it now appears as though Dave Cameron has picked up the verbal battle right where MacLean had left off, but the Senators find themselves on the other side this time around.

Nov 24, 2013; Raleigh, NC, USA; Ottawa Senators coach Paul MacLean looks on against the Carolina Hurricanes at PNC Arena. The Carolina Hurricanes defeated the Ottawa Senators 4-1. Mandatory Credit: James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

While MacLean usually used humour and stubbornness in his quotes, the quotes from Cameron may be viewed as concerning, as some view them as a direct threat. To review what he said:

"” I think it’s quite simple, it’s a vicious slash on an unprotected part of the body, and you either do two things.You either suspend him, or when one of their best players gets slashed, just give us five.. not that complicated”"

Picking up right where Paul MacLean left off indeed, but there just happens to be one difference this time around. The Senators now find themselves down 1-0 in the series.

Sure, a war of words can fire up your bench and provide some more to the story, but at this point, no war of words is necessary.


Mark Stone’s tone was similar as he had his own comments to add regarding Subban and his behaviour.

"“It was a pretty big two hand.It’s obviously a pretty big hack, it looked like he wanted to hurt me. I think there is some intent there.”"

While intent can be argued, it’s no question Subban made a dumb away from the puck play and was deserving of the penalty. To that point, it is the way Subban decides to carry himself on the ice which is baffling to watch as he is often found with his hands out at his side begging or jumping as though something didn’t go his way.

Unprofessional. Not a presence I would want on my team.


The war of words is back on in Ottawa, Mark Stone should be ready to go, but might find himself in a tricky spot if his hand isn’t 100%.

As for how the series progresses, P.K. Subban should study up on how to be a pro, and maybe the Senators could put forth a better effort in hopes of sending a message on the ice, not off of it.

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