Ottawa Senators Have Two Legitimate Award Candidates In Karlsson, Stone


While the first quarter of the season didn’t go the way Ottawa would have liked, the Senators have found a way to rebound and have a monstrous second half.

Now as the Sens find themselves just short of a playoff birth with a record number of points, the team has managed to put together a season worth celebrating. Of course, highlighted by the Senators two legitimate NHL Award Candidates in Mark Stone and Erik Karlsson.

Erik Karlsson

Leading the way is Senators defender and captain, Erik Karlsson. A legitimate Norris award candidate in the prime of his career.

While the first half of the season was atrocious, it’s the consistency and effort Karlsson has brought most nights that have helped turn this team around. Of course, you cannot mention Karlsson’s success without mentioning Marc Methot, who has appeared to steady Karlsson’s game.


Yet, without taking any credit away from Methot, it’s Karlsson who has done enough in his own right to earn himself a Norris trophy vote.

Looking at possession stats, Karlsson has held positive Corsi percentages without his most frequent linemates, whereas they have not. Take Methot, for example. Karlsson without Methot? 51.0 CF%. Methot without Karlsson? 48.9 CF%.

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This works with just about anyone of them. Go down the list here.

Karlsson when apart vs teammate when apart almost always yields a positive percentage for Karlsson and a negative percentage for his teammate. Pretty incredible.

Aside from possession, it’s been Karlsson’s offence that has restored his chance to take home another Norris. 66 points on the season nearly erases the sub 1.00 P/60 at 5v5 he held up until the halfway point this season.

You have to think it isn’t a coincidence that when Karlsson plays well, so does the team. While that may define a Hart trophy candidate, Karlsson has set the bar for offence among defenders and has held extreme value to his team this season, leaving many thinking that another Norris trophy isn’t far away.

Mark Stone

Then there is Mark Stone. A rookie sensation.

Looking at the competition, highlighted by players like Aaron Ekblad, Johnny Gaudreau, John Klingberg, and Filip Forsberg, it is feasible to think that Mark Stone might not even get a top 3 nod for this year’s award. Crazy, as he deserves it.

While Aaron Ekblad may be the likely winner as he has played at a pace not many 18-year-old defenders do, Gaudreau and Forsberg could take the other two spots just based on points, which would really overlook what Stone has done for this team in terms of 200 foot play.

Stone still leads the league in takeaways at 94 and has been a consistent forward who has really come on in the second half, recording 42 points in his last 42 games played.

That might be what does it for Stone, as he has easily been the most productive rookie in the second half, while continuing to be the responsible player Ottawa has come to know.

Stone deserves it, and especially with Filip Forsberg slowing down in the second half in terms of production. Stone deserves to at least be considered, and could surprise some if he steps away with the Calder trophy.


Erik Karlsson has become the responsible, offence driving defender we’ve come to know. He’s certainly back to that Norris form we saw in 2011-12 and Mark Stone has lived up to everyone’s craziest expectations as a 22-year-old.

For that, the Senators find themselves having two legitimate NHL award winners, we’ll have to see as it will certainly be an interesting narrative to follow here on out.

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