Ottawa Senators Trade Deadline: Observations and Hopes


The Ottawa Senators have not had recent success during the trade deadline. A recent article by Jack Leiper showed deadline moves by the Senators over the last five year. None of the deals were very productive, in fact the best deal made was trading Antoine Vermette for Pacal Leclaire and a 2nd round pick.

Leclaire was an absolute bust in Ottawa but the deal did lead to the drafting of Robin Lehner. That deal was not that great, but it was one of the more beneficial ones made in the last five years.

This years draft class has an abundance of talent.  The Senators are in an awkward spot. The Senators sit seven points out of the final Eastern Conference playoff spot. They also currently sit 22nd in the NHL overall standings. The Senators are not bad enough to have a shot at a top five draft pick and the Senators may also not be good enough to make the playoffs.

The Senators are much better under Cameron but will they continue their five game winning streak and make the playoffs? What does a playoff run accomplish If Dave Cameron had coached them all year would they be? It doesn’t really matter. It’s just speculation. ?


There have been reports of interest in various Senator players. I believe it would be beneficial for the Senators to make a meaningful trade. I would personally like to see Chris Neil moved. He is a fan favourite but I believe it is time to look at this teams future.

The Senators have an abundance of defenceman. Eric Gryba, Patrick Wiercoch, and Chris Phillips are all garnering interest. Teams have been throwing draft picks away recently. The Maple Leafs received a second round pick for Daniel Winnick, Vermette garnished a first round pick, Keith Yandle garnered a conditional 2016 first rounder, a second round pick this year, and Anthony Duclair.

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Various levels of player are getting the teams trading great returns right now. For Bryan Murray to not move a defender is a sin against the team. If you have too much loyalty to Chris Phillips to trade him I understand. I personally believe if a team offered a good pick or player for him you have to trade him. In saying that I respect Bryan Murray’s loyalty to his players. If you are loyal to Phillips, move someone else. The blue line is crowed.

I’d also like to see David Legwand moved but that may not be possible.

It would be amazing to see the Senators make a move that brought them back a good player or shed some older talent for draft picks. Where will Phillips, Neil and Legwand be in a few years? If a player is not part of the Senators big picture they should be traded. Should they rent a player? Absolutely not. Should they try to win games and make the playoffs? Yes. They are obviously going to continue to try to win games. With all that said I believe it would be best to make a move that helps the teams future. The Senators could even trade a goalie. That statement leads to a slew of other questions and observations. I have said enough. Trade Deadline day is upon us, lets see what happens!

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