Should The Ottawa Senators Trade David Legwand?


I would like to see the Senators trade David Legwand. A recent article by Wayne Scanlan states that  Chris Phillips, Chris Neil, or David Legwand could be available in a trade. The team acquiring these veterans would most likely be a team seeking depth for a playoff run. I believe David Legwand should be traded for several reasons.

– Time On Ice

Legwand does not get much ice time with the Senators. Since Dave Cameron became Coach, Legwand plays the least even strength minutes out of any Senators centre. Legwand averages 8.3 minutes of even strength ice time a game. He is essentially the Senators fourth line centre. If another team wants him, why not trade him away? Do the Senators really see him in the picture on the team for years to come?

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– Contract

Legwand makes three million dollars a year, and is signed until the end of next season. If another team wants him for a playoff run give him to them. Legwand is not a bad hockey player, but he is overpaid for the role he is currently playing on the Senators. Although he does get power play time and he kills penalties, those extra minutes only result in him playing 12.4 minutes a game. I do not believe he fits into the Senators big picture going forward. Kyle Turris, Mika Zibanejad, and Curtis Lazar will most likely play ahead of him next year. Jean-Gabriel Pageau currently has more even strength ice time than Legwand under Cameron. What will happen when Zack Smith comes back from injury? Where will he fit into the system next year?

– Value

Legwand has primarily been used in a defensive role by Cameron. On even strength shifts he has started 57 shifts in the defensive zone, 50 in the neutral zone, 33 in the offensive zone. Legwand has good Corsi numbers considering he plays the majority of his shifts in the defensive or neutral zone. Legwand has a 51.6 CF% and a -0.9 Corsi Rel. Corsi Rel is defined by War On Ice as follows:

Corsi Rel%: The player’s on-ice Corsi% minus the player’s off-ice Corsi%; off-ice Corsi% is the percent of shot attempts taken by the player’s team when the player is not on the ice (but in games where the player is in the lineup); also known as CF Rel%

I believe Legwand would have use in an organization as a third or fourth line centre. It is impressive that his Corsi stats are as good as they are considering the role he plays on the Senators. He maintains good Corsi numbers even though he plays the majority of his minutes in the role of a checking line forward.

– Conclusion

David is an effective hockey player. He can play a depth checking line role, play the power play and also kill penalties. The Senators should move him to an interested team. He makes three million dollars a year and his contract is only to the end of next season. With the centres on the Senators roster it does not make a ton of sense to have a three million dollar depth player on the team. The Senators are unlikely to make the post season this year and should deal assets that would yield them returns that benefit their future.