SenShot Predicts: Ottawa Senators vs New Jersey


Well it is sure to be an emotional night at Canadian Tire Centre when the Ottawa Senators host the New Jersey Devils.  It is tough to tell what the team will have in the bank and how they will play, but in SenShot Predicts, we have to try and make that determination.

So without further adieu, here is the SenShot staff predictions for tonight’s game, (with their record so far this season in parentheses):

Josh Chenoweth (1-4)

Sens win 3-2. Despite a long layoff between games, hopefully the team is fired up to win one for the city and fans after the recent tragic events.

Jack Leiper (1-4)

Senators topple New Jersey in an emotional battle. Ottawa has a solid game overall, I’ll say little offence… but they get it done.

Travis Valois (3-2)

I believe the Senators are going to defeat the Devils. I expect another big game in net from Robin Lehner. Look for Karlsson to have an big impact.

Eldrinson Vado (3-2)

This may well be the most emotional game the Ottawa Senators will play ever in it’s history. The devastating events that has happened this week in Ottawa will bring the city together like never before. The same emotion will be brought this Saturday at the Canadian Tire Center when the Senators play host to the New Jersey Devils. Expect an emotional pre-game ceremony and an extra effort from the Ottawa Senators to please the hometown crowd. The Sens will extend their winning streak to five games, Sens win 3-2 in OT.

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Zachary Prenner (3-2)

The Devils are winless in four straight and two by way of OT/ shoot out. Hopefully the Sens can take advantage of both and emotional crowd and a struggling New Jersey squad and come out with a victory. I see the Sens taking things and making it give straight wins. Sens 4-2

Jared Crozier (4-1)

Emotions is the key word of the day, and judging by the morning skate and the comments they made afterwards, the Senators are aware of the effect they can have in helping the city continue its healing process.  That being said, often times players try to do too much in these situations.  But, if there is one game this season I want the Senators to win, it is this one.  With my heart instead of my head, I pick the Senators to win.