SenShot Predicts – Ottawa Senators vs Columbus


Welcome back to SenShot Predicts, our game show where the staff writers show their prowess, or sometimes lack thereof, at predicting which Senators team will show up and what the end result will be.

Today, the Senators host the Columbus Blue Jackets, who are coming off a 3-2 win over the Calgary Flames on Friday night.  You can see Travis’ game preview here.

So, how do we think the game will end up?  Lets see:

Josh Chenoweth – (0-4)

Sens win 3-2. With the Blue Jackets having played the night before, the Sens have to capitalize on this game. Will this be the game Zibanejad and his line really break out? Ryan played well Thursday, now it’s time for the 2nd line to produce as a whole.

Jack Leiper – (o-4)

Ottawa continues their good start, taking the W over Columbus. Robin Lehner is stellar and re-assures to the coaching staff that he deserves more starts.

Charlie Arseneault (1-3)

The Sens are on a roll. After the comeback win against Colorado, they may be a little overconfident in their abilities. But then again, three straight wins means something. If Lehner can steal yet another game, 3-1 Sens.

Travis Valois – (2-2)

The Blue Jackets are generating more offense right now. I hope this is not another game where the Senators are heavily out shot. It most likely will be. I predict Robin Lehner has a great game and the Sens pull out a win.


Eldrinson Vado – (2-2)

The injury bug has hurt the Columbus Blue Jackets early this year. Despite the injuries of some key players, the Blue Jackets are off to a hot start this season. Both teams tonight are 3-1-0. I’m going to say the Sens continue their winning streak tonight in front of the home town crowd. Sens win 3-2 in OT.

Zachary Prenner (2-2)

This is going to be an interesting matchup for sure. Both teams come in with identical records, so someone’s walking out 4-1-0, which looks pretty good to start the season. I’m a little torn because I’m really not sure how this one could go. Ottawa has an advantage in net as Columbus has chosen to start Curtis McElhinney who’ll be getting his first start of the season.

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Despite this though, Ottawa has been the recipient of some puck luck the last three games and hasn’t always looked like a team that’s really earned a 3 game win streak. I’m a little fearful that after the emotion of Thursday’s home opener and the comeback they had that tonight’s game might find them lacking in that department, which could ultimately undo them against a gritty and hard working Blue Jackets club.

All that being said, my gut says the luck doesn’t run out tonight and that goaltending will win us the game.

2-1 Ottawa.

Jared Crozier (3-1)

Ottawa has faced some good goaltenders (Rinne, Bishop, Luongo) and they have face a 3rd stringer (Pickard) so far this season.  McElhinney is somewhere in the middle, but a veteran who can steal a game or two.  I was at the pregame skate this morning and the team as a whole from the coaching staff to the players themselves seemed committed to coming out of the gate faster.  The aura around the home opener is gone, and they won’t have that distraction, not that they used it as an excues for coming out slowly.  Hoffman back in the lineup adds some speed and more offensive potential to the lineup.  Lehner looked focused and was saying the right things this morning about making the most of his opportunities. Senators (and my) streak continues.