SenShot’s Stumpers Round 3 Pick Breakdown


The picks have been entered and the numbers added up for the third round of the SenShot Stumpers Playoff Hockey pool.  About 1/3 of the original players didn’t submit picks for this round, probably because they were out of contention.

Of the 20 individuals who made a selection, both series had a fairly even split, with the higher ranked team being selected by more prognosticators.

By a 12-8 margin, of the 20 votes received, both Vancouver and Boston were picked to win the Conference Finals series.

Although none of us has a snowball’s chance in Miami at winning the pool, here are the SenShot staff writer’s picks for the third round, for the record.

Tony chose BOSTON in 6 and VANCOUVER in 7 games.

Derrick selected TAMPA in 5 and SAN JOSE in 6 games.

Jared opted for  BOSTON in 7 and VANCOUVER in 5 games.

Thanks to you all for playing and good luck to those 4 or 5 players who still have a shot at winning the pool!  Review the standings after two rounds HERE.


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