SenShot Stumpers Round 2 Results


Here are the results after round 2 of the NHL playoffs:

Myles R112334
Tricia O112031
Daniel Z82230
Bruce L42529
Gavin H62228
Eugene M62228
Adam H62228
Harry P02727
Sean M101626
Kristina K42125
John P42125
JARED C71825
Ryan S71724
Joe R81624
Dale M42024
Nikkole D02323
Misa F-K61723
Dave L71623
Austin W41923
Kris D41822
Coach K61622
Randall R71421
Brandon S91221
Rob C02020
Keara D02020
Frank R31720
TONY M61016

So as you can see, our SenShot picks haven’t been stellar, most notably Tony, who is trailing the pack again this round.  A perfect score would have been 48 points, so a number of pickers have done all right.  With 3 series left, it will be a challenge for those at the top to be almost perfect in picks and games to move into the top spot.

Remember to all pickers that your picks are due before game time Saturday, so get them in to me at
Good Luck & thanks again for playing!


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