SenShot Stumpers Playoff Pool Round 2 Pick Breakdown


For those of you who entered our Playoff Hockey Pool, this post will be of interest to you. If you didn’t enter, you probably wish you did.  This won’t be very exciting for you, so I will add something funny to make looking here worth your while:

Now on with the poolie talk!

For the second round, 28 of the 30 original participants submitted picks.  Here is the breakdown of selections:

WSH vs TBWashington was the overwhelming favorite, with 22 of 28 poolies selecting the Caps (78.5%) to beat the Lightning.  This was the highest disparity between favorite and underdog of the 4 series.

PHI vs BOS –  The choice of the poolies was the Flyers, to the tune of 17-of-28 (60.7%).  This was as close to 50-50 as there is in this round, with 9 opting for the Bruins.

VAN vs NSH – The Canucks were the pick of choice for 19 poolies (67.9%),with the Predators the choice for 9 predictors.

SJ vs DET – This series tied with the PHI-BOS series for coin-flip series.  Seventeen (17)  players believed the Red Wings would defeat the Sharks, who had 9 people selecting them to win.

Now that most of the series have three games in the books, there are going to be a lot of unhappy poolies,  and the standings could see some shuffling this round, which makes for excitement, and nobody should be running away with the pool at the end of this round.

So enjoy watching and cheering for your picks, and enjoy the playoffs!


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