SenShot Stumper Pool Standings After Round 1


Here are the standings after round 1 of the SenShot Stumpers pool.  As a reminder, the scoring format was: 3 points for picking the correct winner with a bonus point for picking the correct number of games (as long as the team you picked to win actually won). A perfect score would have been 32 points for the round.

Harry P8327
Bruce L7425
Nikkole D7223
Myles R7223
Daniel Z7122
Gavin H6422
Eugene M7122
Adam H7122
John P6321
Kristina K6321
Tricia O6220
Dale M6220
Rob C6220
Keara D6220
Austin W6119
Kris D5318
Jared C6018
Misa F-K5217
Ryan S5217
Frank R5217
Derrick B5217
Joe R5116
Dave L5116
Coach K5116
Sean M5116
Randall R4214
Brandon S4012
Tony M3110

So there are the results, if you think I have calculated your score wrong drop me an email and I will re-check it.

As for the SenShot staff, I guess we should stick to writing and avoid betting on the results.  Derrick, Tony and I didn’t fare so well and are all in the lower half of the pool.

and there is no time wasted as Round 2 begins tonight.  All entrants should send me their picks before game time tonight to   If your picks are not sent in before game time you will NOT get credit for that series.

Here are the Round 2 Match-ups:

WAS (1) vs TBL (5)

PHI (2) vs BOS (3)

VAN ( 1) vs NSH (5)

SJ (2) vs DET (3)

Thanks again and Good Luck in round 2!


Thanks for reading and as always, comments are welcomed.

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