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December Review- Sens Top 5 Prospects


Since I’m bored and out of touch with my cat, I’ve decided to look into the Sens prospect system. This will kind of be part 1, I’ll compose another review the day after the draft since I’ll be at the draft, and hopefully(cross fingers) that the Sens have won the Cup by then, San Jose melts down, collapses, Joe Thornton and Devin Setogouchi have a baby, and finish 30th in the league. One pick at the top, one pick at the end, can we spell SUCCESS? Otherwise, here is the review.

#1- Erik Karlsson
Karlsson gains this spot easily. He is our future PP QB, our fute No.1 Defenseman, and possibly our future captain after Alfie hangs ’em up. Karlsson was drafted for his offensive skill, and while he has continued that this year, he has begun add more flex to his muscles and gaining a better physical game, something Sens fans are already looking forward to.

#2- Brian Elliott
Elliott has been a top goalie in high school and college, and continued that last season, splitting No.1 goaltender duties with Jeff Glass. He know is full-time and has responded great to the pressure with a 10-5 record, .909 SV, and a 2.87 GAA. He is the Ontario goalie the Sens have been looking for, and already with a NHL win under his belt, he will be a major figure in the next years.

#3- Jim O’Brien
O’Brien played great last year in Seattle, performing as a top centre and leading the Thunderbirds to the playoffs. So far he is a point per game player with Seattle and has expanded his defensive abilities, helping on the PK on various situations. O’Brien is a big, strong centre and will replace Vermette in 1 or 2 years.

#4- Brian Lee
Even though he has been out of place this year and subsequentially sent down to Bingo, he has shown he can play in big pressure games. He is the defensive defenseman of the future, and even if Sens fans have called for his head, I think he can turn into a top quality player. And by all means, he will.

#5- Ilya Zubov
Zubov is part of the new bread of Russians, the ones that actually want to play. Zubov last year elevated his play in Bingo and that has showed this year, and could quite get into the roster next year. He already has 5 games under his belt, and he possesses quite a finish. He is something special.

Well there’s my December Review, drop by a comment if you are drunk, cheering on the Oilers right now(OMFG they scored, and wait the Sharks reply), or just blackmail me. Of course, my email is

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