Jan 28, 2014; Montreal, Quebec, CAN; Montreal Canadiens forward Brandon Prust (8) skates during the second period against the Carolina Hurricanes at the Bell Centre. The Montreal Canadiens defeated the Carolina Hurricanes 3-0. Mandatory Credit: Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

The Hypocrisy Of The Habs - Brandon Prust & Derek Stepan, Eric Gryba & Lars Eller

What a difference a year makes.


May 2, 2013 – Eric Gryba steps up and hits Lars Eller, who was in possession of the puck after a pass from “Player 61″, and the hit results in Eller hitting his face on the ice causing a scary incident where the player needs to be stretchered off.

Quote from Michel Therrien regarding Ottawa Senators coach Paul MacLean‘s comments that Eller should have had his head up

“Inappropriate comment. No respect for the player on the ice who was bleeding. No respect for his family in the stands. When he compared that to a hockey hit, the comparison he made was with the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. This is why we’ve got new rules, to avoid those hits when a player is vulnerable. That’s why we’ve got rules.

“That was a lack of respect to Lars Eller and his family and I’m never going to accept that. Never.” – cbc.ca


Fast forward to May 24, 2014, the day after Montreal Canadiens forward Brandon Prust‘s predatory hit on New York Rangers forward Derek Stepan that resulted in Stepan breaking his jaw requiring surgery, and all of a sudden Therrien is singing a different tune.

Again, Michel Therrien stepped to the mic to address the hit, this time one made by his own player.

Brandon Prust’s intention was not to hurt Derek Stepan. It was to finish his check. It was a hockey hit, and obviously Stepan got hurt.” – yahoo.com


I understand needing to defend your player somewhat, but when you are so vehemently vocal about one play, while so defensive when it is your own guy smack of hypocrisy.

Of any team in the league, the Montreal Canadeins have been vocal about numerous questionable hits (Zdeno Chara on Max Pacioretty, Gryba on Eller, Ryan Malone on Chris Campoli) calling hits dirty and and calling for suspensions.

In fact it was Prust himself who was probably the most vocal critic of Chris Kreider and his play that resulted in the injury to Carey Price

Prust the next day:

We’re in the NHL. He should know how to fall. We call it accidentally on purpose. I don’t think he’s (Kreider) a dirty player, but he did nothing to avoid him – nj.com


Teammates were quick to come to the defense of Prust.


Were they saying the same thing a year ago?  To quote Daniel Alfredsson (in an unrelated situation) -  “Probably not”

I totally understand players and coaches needing to come to the defense of a teammate, but the Habs, more than any other team, take it to extremes, like they do so many things. You live by the sword, you die by the sword.  The big difference between the two incidents – Eller had the puck, Stepan did not.  You can’t spout off about lack of respect and then turn the other cheek when the shoe is on the other foot.

Just another reason to dislike the Habs. No Respect.

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  • Sal

    What a ridiculously stupid article!

    • electronik

      It wasn’t anywhere near as ridiculously stupid as Therrien’s comments.

      Last year I started off cheering for the Habs (well, more accurately, against Ottawa) but the constant whining from the Canadiens and their fans drove me to support the Sens. I guess it was toned down a bit during the first round this year, but started up in the second and kicked into high gear beginning with the ridiculous claim that the Kreider-Price accident as somehow intentional.

      All teams make contradictory statements like this so I’m not sure what value the article has. But that doesn’t change the fact that the Habs do have a tendency to whine about everything.

      • Pridenpoise

        The Kreider Price incident was “accidental” ok, I’ll just overlook the fact that Kreiders MO is running goalies, you’re ridiculous to claim it was accidental, stick with the Sens we don’t need any morons supporting the Habs. I love how you insinuate that the Ottawa fans are somehow above “whining” if the shoe was on the other foot there would be plenty of whining. We will never be able to prove it because the Sens are golfing, maybe you should join them, the jealousy is reaching epic proportions.

        • electronik

          Thanks for coming out to provide a great example of what I was talking about!

        • Windgl

          According to the article Stepan skating away, going to the refs, players and finally then the bench = the Eller hit. Stepan had a X-ray, came back negative and he then had to have a CT scan to see the injury. I do hope he is alright but I didn’t see Stepan taken away in a stretcher off the ice. He seems to not understand that fans were more upset about the comments made by the Sens coach than the actual hit, and lets not forget the Ottawa sun front page the next day. Of course none of that matters because every habs fan is a piece of trash and a whiney hypocrite :o

  • Murray_is_a_GENIUS

    Stepan skated away, went to the refs, then went to players, then went to the bench. Hardly the sign of a player about to die/in severe trauma. Can’t really compare the two issues.