Sens Weekly Betting Roundup: Recapping the 2023 Season & Getting Ready to Bet NHL Futures

RALEIGH, NC - APRIL 04: Brady Tkachuk #7 of the Ottawa Senators celebrates his goal with teammates during the third period the game against the Carolina Hurricanes at PNC Arena on April 04, 2023 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Hurricanes defeat Senators 3-2. (Photo by Jaylynn Nash/Getty Images)
RALEIGH, NC - APRIL 04: Brady Tkachuk #7 of the Ottawa Senators celebrates his goal with teammates during the third period the game against the Carolina Hurricanes at PNC Arena on April 04, 2023 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Hurricanes defeat Senators 3-2. (Photo by Jaylynn Nash/Getty Images) /

The Senators’ season is officially over as they again failed to make the playoffs. Their high expectations for the season were extinguished thanks to a slew of injuries and poor goalie play for most of the season. While there is plenty of promise for next year, it will take time to reflect on this season to determine what needs to change.

While we wait for the draft, we’ll review the Sens’ season from a betting perspective and discuss NHL future bets. While Ottawa won’t have any more games until the fall, there will be plenty of opportunities to make some money with future bets. We’ll discuss what future bets are, what types are available, and a few tips to help you get started.

Before we get into NHL future bets, let’s briefly look back on how the Sens performed at sportsbooks in the 2022-23 season.

Ottawa Senators Betting Results From ’22-’23 Season

  • Spread Record: 47-35-0
  • Moneyline Record: 39-35-8
  • Over/Under Record: 39-42-1

The most surprising stat above is the Sens’ record against the puck line. Their record is the best in the East, a game ahead of the Boston Bruins. While that didn’t translate to enough wins, it did make them one of the best bets in the NHL this season. Their inconsistent play is a big reason for their success in this category. Bookmakers (like all of us) had a hard time figuring out the Sens, which gave bettors plenty of chances to make some money. Offseason moves could change that, but it’s something to remember for next season.

We’re also surprised to see them finish with so many games going under the total. Considering their poor defense, especially in the second half, we expected a lot of over bets to hit. We believe that will change next season as they will get Josh Norris back to join an already-loaded offense.

What Are Future Bets?

A “future bet” refers to a wager placed on the future outcome of a game or league. Some examples are award winners, league and division champions, and the NHL draft. Bookmakers will set odds for each outcome well before the event or season starts and update them as the season progresses.

Future bets in any sport are complex, as they don’t allow you to factor in trends, injuries, or other issues that can change a team or player’s season. However, the favorable odds mean you can place smaller bets with a chance for big payouts.

We have you covered if you want to start betting on NHL futures. Here are a few of the most common bets to get started.

Award Winners

The first is player award winners. Hockey has several player awards at the end of each season, and bookmakers have set odds for each category. The Conn Smythe trophy is among the most popular future bets, offering high-value odds for even the favorites. For example, David Pastrnak is currently the favorite to win the award but has odds of +600. If you prefer to take Connor McDavid, you can find odds of +1200. That is a ton of value for two of the league’s best players.

Division, Conference & Stanley Cup Winners

Another popular NHL future bet is the division, conference, and Stanley Cup winner. This is as easy as it sounds, as you simply place a bet on the team you believe will win. These are incredibly difficult to predict, but that only means you’ll have more favorable odds when choosing a favorite. For example, the Bruins were +2000 to win the Stanley Cup over the summer. While they aren’t there yet, that is an incredible value for bettors that took them early.

Draft Results

We all know who the top pick of the NHL draft will be this season, but there will be the opportunity to bet on other picks. Those odds likely won’t post until a champion is crowned, so check back with your sportsbook of choice then. These bets can be the trickiest as many teams don’t discuss their draft plans or share their player board. You will also find poor odds for many of the favorites, making this a difficult category to make much money on.

Tips When Betting on NHL Futures

Like all sports betting, winning NHL futures is never guaranteed. Considering how early the bets must be placed, far too many unknown scenarios could quickly sink your chances of winnings.

That being said, a few tips and tricks can help improve your chances of winning.

Do your research

This may sound obvious, but it is the most important thing to do when betting on NHL futures. Many players make these bets with limited knowledge, relying on gut instinct over any solid information. This is a massive mistake for sports betting, especially with futures. While nothing is guaranteed, researching the teams or players involved can tip you off to things you may not have known. Look for things like stats, trends, quotes from players or teams, and news clippings. Even spending just 20 minutes on research can improve your chances of winning big on a future bet.

Place multiple bets

Depending on the bet, NHL futures can have fantastic odds for the favorites to win. While it’s fun to bet and cheer for one player or team, placing three or more smaller bets will increase your chances of winning without sacrificing much profit. Given the odds on future bets, placing several smaller bets can be far better than one large one. Just be sure to do the math before placing your bets to confirm you aren’t leaving yourself open to a profitless win.

Compare odds between sportsbooks.

While there are plenty of fantastic sportsbooks to cheer for, they do not carry the same odds. If you have a team or player you want to bet on, always check a few sportsbooks to see who has the best odds. There can be significant differences that can cost you a lot of money on a winner. You can compare odds online between major sportsbooks without creating an account, making it quick and easy to compare multiple odds simultaneously.

Always set a money management plan.

While NHL future bets don’t carry as much risk as daily wagers, overspending is still easy. No matter how much of a lock a future bet seems, there is a reason the odds are so favorable. Future bets are unpredictable, so we recommend setting a budget. Having that in place can prevent you from making emotional bets, especially after the season’s first few weeks.