Sens hiring Pierre McGuire Doesn’t Tell us Anything we Didn’t Already Know

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TORONTO, ONTARIO – NOVEMBER 18: Pierre McGuire (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The Sens kicked off their off-season today with a bang, and have begun to address the long-depleted front office.

Former NBC analyst Pierre McGuire is coming to Ottawa as senior vice-president of player development. While McGuire has seemingly been in the running for every vacant position around the league the past few off-seasons, the end of NBC’s broadcast deal with the NHL seems to have led him to finally return to the hockey operations side of things after over two decades in broadcasting.

The move came as a shock both in Ottawa and around the league. Immediately, everybody is trying to find out if this is Sens Sickos or not.

There is also the question of what this will mean for the Ottawa Senators from an actual hockey perspective and I think the answer might be… probably nothing? I know that may not seem like a plausible answer given the cascade of content his hiring has produced, but when you start to dig a little bit, this is more or less business as usual for the Ottawa Senators, just with a bigger name involved.

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