Ottawa Senators Prospect Viktor Lodin Arrested on Drug-Related Charges

Lodin seemed remorseful after word got out about his recent arrest

Lodin, a fourth-round selection in the 2019 NHL Draft for the Senators struggled through the past season with Timra IK and now has run into problems with the law.

On August 29th Lodin was taken into custody where he would spend the night in jail and was released the following morning. In an open letter to his team, Lodin expressed his remorse and admitted to his troubles:

Timrå IK has invested in me and given me the chance to develop here to become a better hockey player. I have let myself down and I have let down my teammates.

I’m ashamed and I’m very sorry about what happened. I will take responsibility for the mistake I have made. Timrå IK gives me support and help in this situation and I am grateful for that.

What I have done was wrong, I will learn something from this for the future and I will participate in the association’s work against drugs and pure gambling.

I will not comment on the incident further but refer to this text.

Yours sincerely, Viktor Lodin

The letter was posted on the Timra IK website and can be found at the link here. Obviously a mistake that the Senators prospect won’t want to make anymore and the arrest could be a blessing in disguise for Lodin, as a wakeup call to either change his decision making or seek help.

There has been no information following the letter written by Lodin and there’s no way of knowing what type of drugs Lodin was in possession of. There is reason to believe that Marijuana could have been the drug in use, as it’s one of the more popular recreational drugs and Sweden has very strict laws in place to thwart the use of cannabis. If Lodin was arrested and brought into holding, the treatment of the situation seems similar to how they would treat arrests on Marijuana possession. While that may be likely, there’s no way we will know until further details come out about the situation and we as Sens fans just hope Lodin moves forward from the incident.