Ranking the top 31 prospects in the 2020 NHL Draft: 4. Marco Rossi

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The highly skilled, uber productive centerman out of Ottawa in the OHL, offers everything you want down the middle of your lineup

Marco Rossi (C), Ottawa 67’s (OHL)

The first prospect outside the solidified top three, Rossi has been ranked as high as 9 by scouting networks and as low as 4. This tier is littered by great prospects, but Rossi brings so many facets to his game, which propels him to the fourth spot.

Despite being a late birthday (2001), his draft position shouldn’t be impacted by his age, as he produced at an historic clip last season when he was just 18.

With Ottawa needing a legitimate number one center, Rossi seems like an ideal fit and could take the ice with the Senators as early as next season. If Ottawa happens to get Byfield, they may lean to taking a winger like Raymond, Perfetti or Holtz if the need for a center isn’t as pronounced. Yet they could take the best player available if it happens to be Rossi.

Other than Lafreniere, Rossi may be the next prospect who is the most NHL ready, even more so than the highly regarded Byfield and Stützle. Despite being on the shorter side at 5’9″, Rossi has a very sturdy lower body and is hard to knock off the puck, which makes his size acceptable for the NHL game.

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