Experienced UFA Targets For The Ottawa Senators This Off-season

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Part (1/3): This week, I will be looking at different types of UFA targets for the Ottawa Senators during the 2020 offseason. Much of the focus for the team has rightfully been on the upcoming draft and crop of players likely to be promoted from Belleville. However, there are still many holes on the roster that need to be plugged.

In this series, I will be looking at players in three different groups based on the possibility of bringing back former players, experience and those that are possibly undervalued. 

Most analysts would suggest that a young team on the upswing like the Ottawa Senators need to bring in some experienced ‘winners’ at some point during their rebuild. Typically, this player is billed as somebody who can “show the kids how to win.” This is likely an avenue the Senators will go this offseason, to take some of the leadership onus off of players like Brady Tkachuk and Thomas Chabot.

Experience has proven to be a bit more expensive in the NHL. Therefore, what’s important in this hypothetical situation is that the Senators consider a player’s present value, and not bring in and play somebody based on their past. We’ve seen it recently with Alex Burrows and Chris Kelly among others.

Therefore, the criteria for these highlighted players must be a history of regular season and/or playoff success, they have to fit the Senators’ mold on players and realistic salary, as well as have the ability to presently contribute positively on the ice. Below are my best picks of the bunch.

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