Ottawa Senators hire a new CEO to handle business side of franchise

If you want something done, it is said you should do it yourself… That is what Eugene Melnyk must have been thinking when he named himself as the CEO of the Ottawa Senators in February of 2018.

Well, things took a change, for the better. The Ottawa Senators have hired an actual CEO.

Jim Little has been hired as CEO of the Ottawa Senators. But you might ask is “Who’s Jim Little?” After a quick google search, all I can say is what the Senators press release says. Little has held executive positions with Shaw Communications, Royal Bank of Canada(RBC), Bell Canada and a company I’ve never heard of, Bombardier Aerospace.

Little’s tasks will include marketing, community relations, and overall the business aspect of the Ottawa Senators.

There, I did the boring announcement, Now I’ll speculate. I knew that the Sens were looking for a President of Hockey Operations, so I’m not too surprised about a hire in the organization. Although it is not the hire I was expecting. Jim Little has little(no pun intended) to no experience in hockey. But, thats not too bad cause his role doesn’t include the hockey operations.

The Senators needed a new face in the front office. Melnyk has soured on the fans for the last few years and Melnyk alone cannot fix the public’s point of view on him and how he runs the Ottawa Senators. That’s really why Little was hired. His job is basically to fix all the mistakes Melnyk has made. A job that Tom Anselmi couldn’t handle anymore when he quit back in 2018.

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Eugene Melnyk then named himself CEO and this was a questionable move considering his recent antics. I won’t name any of them, to protect the sanity of all the Sens fans out there, but everyone knows what I’m referring to.

To conclude, this is a good move for the Ottawa Senators, let’s see where this goes.

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