NHL player comparable: Logan Brown

We’re going to be starting a new series here at SenShot.com, where we take a Senators prospect and compare him to an established NHL player. We analyse the major similarities and differences in their games.

First up is Logan Brown:

Drafted by the Senators 11th overall in the 2016 NHL draft, in fact the Senators even traded up for the much hyped centre, from 12th to 11th pick.

He’s known as a strong reliable centre who has power play upside. Sens head coach D.J. Smith said when the Raleigh, NC native was called up for service in the NHL, that he is instantly the sens best power play player.

That says a lot when you have Thomas Chabot and Brady Tkachuk on your roster.

His play is comparable to Dallas Stars centre, Jamie Benn:

Both of them are big, Brown stands at 6’6″ and 220 lbs, while Benn is 6’2″ and 210 lbs. Both are lanky centres who are exceptional at carrying the puck through the neutral zone into the oppositions zone.

A difference between them is face offs:

Although face offs aren’t the most glorified statistic, it is an important metric, especially for centres.

Jamie Benn has been a very good face off man for most of his career with a career face off percentage of 49.6%, even though he started his career with low numbers, he has since turned that around.

Logan Brown on the other hand isn’t very good at face offs with a percentage of 39.6% which is pretty abysmal for a centre. He does have time to improve in that category, on the rebuilding Senators club.

Overall the two aren’t the most similar players but the main similarities are definitely there. They both have the scoring touch and have struggled early in their careers.

Logan Brown has big shoes to fill if he wants to have a career on the level of Jamie Benn.

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