Ottawa Senators 2017-2018 Season Retrospective


The 2017-2018 season is over for the Ottawa Senators. It was a season filled with optimism and hope at the start that ended with one of the worst finishes in the team’s history.

With their final game ending with a 5-2 loss to the Boston Bruins on Saturday night, the Ottawa Senators finished the season with 28 wins, 43 losses, and 11 overtime losses. This brought them to a total of 67 points in 82 games. This resulted in them finishing second last in the league, just five points ahead of the last place Buffalo Sabres.


With the season going so poorly after the successes of last year, there are many questions around the team. Will Karlsson stay, will Boucher remain the Head Coach, where do the Sens go from here? Unfortunately, there aren’t any definitive answers for those questions. For now, the Ottawa Senators will have to sit still. That is until the draft.

Draft Odds

The next time the Ottawa Senators will have something to look forward to is NHL Draft Lottery. It will take place on the 28th of April. With the Sens finishing 30th in the league they will have the second-best odds at drafting first overall at 13.5%. They have a 13.0% chance to pick second, 12.3% chance to pick third, 33.3% chance to pick fourth, and a 27.9% chance to pick fifth. If the Sens can get one of the first three picks it will be extremely helpful for their rebuild. However, this is a very deep draft and even if they fall to fifth they will still get a very high-end talent.

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Looking Forward To Something

Losing isn’t fun, and the Ottawa Senators did a lot of that this season. With little to look forward to the Sens will have to hold on to what they can for the coming months. For now, it’s the draft lottery. How they fair there will have a significant effect on the seasons to come.