Ottawa Senators: The Final Week Of The Season

DETROIT, MI - MARCH 31: Erik Karlsson
DETROIT, MI - MARCH 31: Erik Karlsson /

As the calendar changes to April it marks the start of the final week of the regular season. For the Ottawa Senators they will play four games to round out the year, all of which still have meaning.

With four game remaining the Ottawa Senators have 65 points and sit second last in the league. The maximum they can get is 8 which would bring them to 73 points and at best sixth last in the entire league. How they perform in these final four games will determine how high the draft in June.

The Final Week

The four games they have left are against Winnipeg, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and Boston. Three of those games are against some of the best teams in the league, all of which still are fighting for position in their divisions. Boston is fighting to win the Atlantic. Pittsburgh is looking to secure home ice in the playoffs, and Winnipeg is looking to catch the Central leading Nashville Predators. As a result, it can be expected that all of these teams will put forth their best effort even though the season is concluding. However, the other game the Sens have is against Buffalo. It is a game that could be the most important game of each teams season.

The Most Important Game Of The Season

Both Buffalo and Ottawa have four games remaining the Sabres are three points back of the Sens. However, with the Sens having a very difficult schedule and the Sabres having an average one, the Sabres can be expected to gain ground on the Sens this week. That means that who finishes last in the league could very well come down to that game on Wednesday night. The loser could secure last in the league and the best shot at Rasmus Dahlin.

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A Terrible Situation

Although it’s not a position that the Ottawa Senators wanted to be in, they are fighting for last in the league. With the season already far gone, the most important game of the year may be best off with a loss.