Ottawa Senators: Three Things For Fans To Cheer For


The Ottawa Senators have put themselves into a bad spot this season. They won’t be in the playoffs and won’t play for the Stanley Cup.

With all the bad things happening around them, here are three things Sens fans should be cheering for right now and in the future.

Rasmus Dahlin

Firstly, as crazy as it may seem, fans should be cheering for the Ottawa Senators to lose right now. The playoffs are impossible to make at this point, so all the Sens can do is hurt their chances at a high selection in the draft by winning. With Rasmus Dahlin projected to be a generational talent on defence, fans should be rooting for their team to get the best chance to get him. This unfortunately means rooting for the team to lose for the remainder of the season.

Signing Karlsson

Secondly the Ottawa Senators had a disaster of a trade deadline. They stirred up rumours around nearly all of their players and traded nearly none of them. This has soured the relationship between the players, ownership, and the fans. To fix this relationship Sens fans should be looking forward to a contract extension for captain Erik Karlsson. If he is re-signed the relationship may begin to be mended.

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A New Arena

Lastly, fans should be hoping for the deal for the Sens to move to Lebreton Flats to come through as quick as possible. As soon as the new arena is built the sooner Eugene Melnyk will be on his way out. It’s clear at this point that Melnyk is holding onto the team until he can sell high. That will be when the new arena is complete and not before. When the new arena is built the Ottawa Senators may finally be able to get back to being championship contenders.