Ottawa Senators: Alex Burrows 2017-2018 Season Preview

OTTAWA, ON - MAY 17: Alex Burrows
OTTAWA, ON - MAY 17: Alex Burrows /

It may just be August but the 2017-2018 NHL season will be on our hands before we know it. Training Camp will start in September and all the players will be brought together as they prepare for another season. With August as a down month in the NHL I thought this would be a great time to preview each of the players on the Ottawa Senators for next season.

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At the trade deadline this past season it was evident that the Ottawa Senators were pushing to be contenders in the playoffs. This was most evident when they traded away highly touted prospect Jonathan Dahlen for Alex Burrows.

Burrows waived his no move clause so that he could come play for the Sens. He quickly signed a two year extension with the Sens. Burrows was so eager to waive his no move clause to come play for the Sens because he has the belief that the Sens are true contenders. Evidently he was right as the Sens finished just one goal short of the Stanley Cup Final.

Burrows played 15 games with the Sens in the playoffs last season before going down with an injury. In that time he contributed five points. During the regular season he scored 11 points in 20 games for the Sens.

Although Burrows is not the player he once was during Vancouver’s years of contention, he still has a lot to contribute. He still should be capable of contributing 30 or so points. Additionally, he does bring some important intangibles. This word is made fun of amongst hockey fans and I join them most the time in disliking this word. However, on a team that lacks experience in the playoffs except for this past year, having Burrows could definitely help if there’s another deep playoff run. A player having intangibles is only bad when that’s all they have. Burrows is still a capable player and his experience can only have a positive impact.

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Going into next season Burrows will likely play on the fourth line. He’ll be one of the Sens’ penalty killers and could see some power playtime. The Ottawa Senators having Burrows for 2017-2018 is all positive.