Ottawa Senators Greatest Players: #16 Radek Bonk

KANATA, ON - APRIL 18: Defenseman Tomas Kaberle
KANATA, ON - APRIL 18: Defenseman Tomas Kaberle /

The Ottawa Senators have just completed their 25th year in the NHL. However, due to the 04-05 lockout they are actually about to enter their 25th season. So, I thought what better time to recognize the 25 greatest Senators of all time. This list won’t be based on pure talent, but rather the skill, impact, and durability of each player.

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Now without further ado the 16th greatest player in Ottawa Senators history….

#16 Radek Bonk

Radek Bonk came to the Ottawa Senators as the 3rd overall pick in 1994. He was initially brought in as someone who was expected to be an offensive star. However, his career never really went in that direction. However, he did build a reputation as one of the most complete players in the league. Where he lacked offensively he made up for with his defensive play. None of this is to say Bonk was terrible offensively, rather he just didn’t meet his extremely high expectations from being drafted.

Bonk had one of the longest tenures with the Ottawa Senators thus far. He has played the 5th most games in team history at 709. Additionally, despite not being a star offensively, he is still 6th all-time in points with 400. Bonk was a player who joined the Sens when they were still going through the struggles of being an expansion team. He stuck with the team until the full season lockout in 04-05. He was with the team at their lowest point and was part of arguably their best team ever in 2003.

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Bonk didn’t become the superstar the Sens hoped for. Instead he established himself as a very strong two-way forward. He has one of the longest tenures with the Sens and still ranks high on the all-time point list. When someone thinks of the early Ottawa Senators, Radek Bonk is one of the first names to come to mind.