Ottawa Senators Have A Window To Win In The Next Two Years

PITTSBURGH, PA - MAY 25: Erik Karlsson
PITTSBURGH, PA - MAY 25: Erik Karlsson /

The term “window” is thrown around when referring to a team’s chance to win the Stanley Cup. The Ottawa Senators are certainly in their window right now.

In the salary cap era teams need a balance of young players as well as their expensive proven stars. They need the firepower of the proven stars. However, they also need the young players on cheap contracts to fill out their roster. Without young players teams won’t be able to afford enough quality players to win a championship. The Ottawa Senators are in a window to win right now.

Year One

The next two years will be the Sens best opportunity to win. After this season Turris, Stone, and Ceci will all be up for new contracts. All of them will be in for raises. Both Turris and Stone are only making 3.5 million as season and each should command over five million. They may even get over six million each. Ceci is only making 2.8 million a season and should get around four million in his next contract. The most dangerous of those players in terms of expense is Turris. The other two are restricted free agents so the Sens can better control their salary. However, Turris will be an unrestricted free agent and could threaten to leave if they don’t pay him. The Sens obviously won’t let that happen so they may pay him more as a result.

Year Two

The season after is when both Brassard and Karlsson will need new contracts. Brassard is making five million and could probably be re-signed for the same amount so that isn’t as worrisome. However, Karlsson is only making 6.5 million a year right now. He will likely get a raise to where he is being paid in the 10-11 million dollar range.

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Wrap Up

As of right now the Sens have a little under five million in cap space. The increases in salary for these players will be more than five million. Therefore it will be difficult to keep the team together in its entirety after these two years. Veterans lower on the depth chart will have to be let go and young players like White and Chabot will have to play a bigger role should the Sens want to win following these two years. The Ottawa Senators’ window isn’t closed after these two years, but winning gets much more difficult.