Ottawa Senators: Who’s The Odd Man Out On Defence

OTTAWA, ON - APRIL 8: Mark Borowiecki
OTTAWA, ON - APRIL 8: Mark Borowiecki /

With the addition of Johnny Oduya the Ottawa Senators suddenly have an excess of defencemen. This means someone has to be on the outs, the question is who?

Depth on defence was a necessity for the Ottawa Senators. Oduya comes in as a near perfect replacement for Methot. However, with Oduya coming in it means someone loses their spot. The Sens now have seven defenceman signed to one-way contracts and that’s not counting Thomas Chabot or Ben Harpur who both will be making a push to make the team. Even if the team carries seven defencemen then there will still be two who can’t make it. Who is on the outs?

Right Handed D Should Be Safe

The Sens are filled to the brim with defencemen on the left side. However, they actually only have three right handed shots. This likely means that Karlsson (obviously), Ceci, and Wideman all should have a steady spot in the lineup next year. However, on the left side there are six potential options.

Breaking Down The Six Left D

With only three spots not everyone can make the team. Phaneuf is a lock, he’ll be paired with Ceci like last year. Harpur is the least likely to make the team. He’s has less experience than Claesson and doesn’t have the star power of Chabot. Oduya should be with the team as he’s a natural fit to play with Karlsson as he has in the past on Team Sweden. It’s also unlikely that Oduya would be signed only to sit on the bench. Even if he doesn’t play with Karlsson there’s a good chance he’ll be on the roster.

That leaves three players, Claesson, Chabot, and Borowiecki. Unfortunately I think this addition means that Boro could be the odd man out. The Sens can carry seven defenceman and have Chabot and Claesson switch in and out. They can even rotate Oduya out for a few games if they’re both playing well. Additionally, Claesson has shown that he can play on the right side if needed, so he can step in for Wideman if he begins to slump. Chabot appears to be ready for the NHL and the Sens want to give him a shot. Boro is unfortunately the odd man out this time.

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Trade Possibility

The Ottawa Senators find themselves with a surplus of defencemen on the left side. Unfortunately this means that Mark Borowiecki may not have a spot in the lineup. However, there is another possibility, the Sens could make a trade. With so many defenceman they could throw someone like Harpur or Boro in a package for a forward. After all, Dorion has said that he’s still looking to add up front. None the less, one thing’s for sure, the Sens have too many defencemen and not everyone can make the team.