Ottawa Senators Rumours: 3 Trades That Could Happen Before March 1

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The Sedins?

After placing a poll on twitter earlier today on @senshot_fs , 43 percent said absolutely not whereas 39 percent stated that only if they were available on the cheap. The remaining 18 percent stating they would happily trade for the Sedins.

The Sedins… Really?

Yes they may be declining and have several years on the clock, but they are still scoring points. For fun. Daniel boasts a 0.81 PPG and Henrik a 0.82 PPG both would be comfortably the highest in the forwards for Ottawa.

The question comes down to price. Vancouver are in desperate need of a rebuild and will be looking for draft picks and prospects. However, try and guess Vancouver’s motives at your peril. They can and will always surprise the NHL with their personnel decisions.

If a package of a 1st round pick, Cody Ceci and a blue-chip prospect gets you Duchene, what do you offer for the Sedins? The same plus Ryan?

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These are just speculative trades, but in this crazy league who knows what could happen. Do you feel that the Sedins could place the Sens into cup contention? Comment below!