Ottawa Senators Rumours: 3 Trades That Could Happen Before March 1

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For the Ottawa Senators to be competitive in the post-season, they will need to add some offense and potentially a defensemen to their ranks. Here are some of the rumours.

Gabriel Landeskog

The Colorado captain has been mentioned by so many teams in their respective rumour mills, none more so than the Ottawa Senators.

Why Trade For Him?

He is a two-way forward who would slot into Guy Boucher’s system with ease. The key to success in this Ottawa set-up now is building from the back. Never attacking too much that you sacrifice defense. His 0.67 points-per-game prove this.

Many have stated their dislike for defensive systems in the modern NHL. Stating a lack of goals leading to a declining interest in the game. Nonsense. A defensive system doesn’t simply equate to boring hockey.  In general, fans only want to see their team winning, and if it means fewer goals at either end, so be it. As long as your team wins of course.

Landeskog would attribute more defense into that system, aiding offensively while allowing players on his line more attacking freedom.

Also contributing massively in the dressing room, adding another senior voice into the team. Although not a huge point scorer, adding much more in terms of structure and leadership.