Ottawa Senators: Matt Duchene Rumours


If rumours are to be believed, the Ottawa Senators are kicking the tyres on a deal for Matt Duchene. It is no secret the Colorado Avalanche have had one of the worst seasons in recent history. The Sens do need a top-six forward, but what is worth trading in order to get the Ontario native.

Bobby Ryan?:

Bobby Ryan is a name I’ve seen touted around but let’s get real here. If the Avs are on a rebuild they most certainly aren’t going to be interested in the 29-year old with five more years left on his deal at $7.25M.  Vastly overpaid for the numbers he has put up for this hockey club.

Cody Ceci?:

Cody Ceci could be a realistic option with Wideman more than able to slot into that second line defense. This is in no way slandering Ceci who has the potential to grow, but can be used as bait to attract Colorado. The Senators are lacking in a second round pick for the next two drafts, even still would that be enough?

Trade Package Required:

I’d personally like to see a package of Ceci, Ryan (however unlikely that may be) a 1st round two 3rd round picks. Failing an interest in Ryan, a few minor league assets could be offered up. Could Brown be used in this deal? Potentially, but I’m sure Sens Army won’t be too fond of that idea.

Conor’s Thoughts:

My thoughts on the situation? I don’t think Duchene is worth an arm and a leg. The Avalanche are rotten to the core like a bad apple, and those players’ minds may not mould into the Ottawa organisation. His numbers don’t reflect the attention he is generating. You may say that he has been in a bad team, then surely he would take center stage and put numbers up. His best return is 70 points in 71 games three years back and this has fallen to 55 and 59 in the last two seasons.

Current Squad Comparisons:

Over the past three seasons ranking 45th in points with 146. Ottawa forwards Brassard and Hoffman just behind with 145 and 144 respectively. Mark Stone clocks in at 26th with 64 and above him in 10th lies Erik Karlsson with 192. Therefore, Ottawa aren’t overwhelmingly struggling for players in terms of point production and with Ryan locked in, securing his point input is more important at this moment in time.